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Grand Slam and the crazy Candyverse!

We're taking you all over the place once again this week, with a classic tennis shoe keeping some jazzy ZX options company. The standout has to be the amazing ZX 10/8 Candyverse, which has a unique design as well as the very multicoloured upper!

Tennis icon re-issued

The Adidas Grand Slam were part of the 1980s tennis collection from Adidas, which included icons such as the Stan Smith and Forest Hills. After a couple of 2000s re-issues, the shoe is back after this launch in 2021. The name has been changed to G.S for copyright reasons, but we all know what they're really called.

Crazy Candyverse!

Adidas have always found inspiration from the unlikeliest sources, and this candy inspired pair of ZX is no different. The mad colourway isn't the only thing that's a bit strange - the top half of the shoe is a ZX 10,000 C, and the bottom half is a ZX 8000!

More ZX 8000 Colourways

The ZX 8000 just keep on coming off the production line, and we're not complaining at all. This feather grey pair is mixed with black, silver and mucky green to make a more practical look. The usual suede overlays have been replaced with nubuck for this model.

And finally.. even more ZX 8000!

Just in case you weren't so keen on the colourway above, we've added another for good measure. This linen green version is a bit more summery, and that greyish looking upper colour is definitely green when in hand. The suede overlays have returned for this model.

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