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Green Day! 4 new green styles including rare collaboration

Coinciding nicely with the recent World Earth Day, our four new models have a distinct earthy feel with their differing upper shades of green. It's a real mix of styles too, with the standout pair being the Adi Runner from the Noah collaboration, which wasn't launched in Europe. We've also got a new Cord, Broomfield and ZX 8000. Enjoy!

Adidas X Noah

Adidas have teamed up with New York brand Noah on three occasions in recent years, and sadly none of the capsules have ever been made available to the European market. Happily however, we've managed to source a few pairs of one of the standout releases. The 'Adi Runner' are inspired by vintage running shoes and have clear similarities with the SL 72.

Cord are finally made of Cord!

We've been hoping Adidas would take the initiative on this one and finally they have. After releasing the original pair last year, we've now got a follow-up colourway of Adidas Cord made from the very material itself. The design has remained unchanged, although the lack of full gum midsole is a shame.

Green classics return

Continuing with our green theme, we've now got a pair that might be familiar to a few. The green version of the Adidas Broomfield were launched back in 2019, and a few pairs are still lingering around today. The suede upper has been paired with lightly coloured pinky stripes, which are hard to spot through pictures.

And finally.. more ZX 8000

To finish our green week is yet another pair of ZX 8000. We've had a tonne of these recently and they just keep on coming. This 'Almost Lime' pair is just weeks old so very hot of the press, and we've already slashed them down from the £90 RRP.


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