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Green Day: Samba, Gazelle Indoor and the big one

For fans of green trainers, look here now. We've got three brand new additions to the site today all from the shade of nature. The standout is of course the Ardwick SPZL, which has been recently re-issued as part of the 10 year celebration of Spezial. The other two models are two silhouettes that have gained popularity with the masses in recent times, the Gazelle Indoor and Samba.

The Green Monster

The Ardwick SPZL are a big reason why the Spezial range has become the iconic feature that it is today. First launched back in 2014 when the range kicked off, the trainer was a follow-up colourway to the Topanga SPZL, which formed the bedrock of the first release. The Ardwick had exclusivity with now defunct shop Oi-Polloi, and was limited to 500 pairs. The re-issue has been given some subtle changes but the shoe is still instantly recognisable.

As always with in demand releases, the price is reflective of how much they cost to source - despite a retail price of £100, not a single pair in stock cost as low as this.

Popular Gazelle Indoor

There are strange parallels between the Ardwick and the next green pair, the Gazelle Indoor W in green/pink. This model was one of the first colourways to really balloon the popularity of the shoe among women, and have consistently been difficult to get hold of. The fluffy suede upper and leather stripes adds a quality feel to a much loved classic.

And finally.. more premium Samba

After not much Samba activity over the last few months, we've had a recent flurry which continues with this green and white pair. This model comes with a premium leather upper, leather stripes and light gum midsole. The gold touch on the tongue furthers the premium image.


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