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Handball Spezial week plus new Gift Vouchers!

Only one model to bring you this week, but in four fantastic variations! The Handball Spezial have been an originals staple for over a decade now, and that famous suede / gum sole combo can never be beaten. We've got a mix of new colourways and some we've had before.

Handball Spezial - Terrace Icon

The Handball Spezial are one of the few trainers to consistently be in production, which is testament to just how popular they are. One of the reasons is of course down to the amazing colourways they get paired with, such as this black and yellow version.

As the name would suggest, the shoe was initially designed for the game of Handball, which although isn't particularly popular in the UK, it is very popular across continental Europe. The game is played on an indoor court, which is why the gum rubber midsole is ideal.

One of the most common colourways of the Handball is this 'Argentina' version, a mix of dark blue suede and aqua leather stripes. This colourway matches that of the Berlin City Series trainer, which may well be in the inspiration behind it.

This final colourway is the newest of the four, as it was first issued in early 2022. Alongside the metallic gold side writing and writing on the heel tab, this design also has some gold lace casings at the end of the laces.

And finally.. brand new gift vouchers!

Alongside the new stock this week we've got something else new, online gift vouchers! These will be great for sending gifts to friends and family that love the three stripes. You can set a custom amount, send directly to the receiver's inbox and even choose the day they receive it. The gift card tab is part of the main menu on our homepage, or you can click the image below.


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