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Jeans MKII and a bit of black and blue

This week sees the arrival of both the black and blue pairs of Jeans MKII, which were were re-issued in 2023. The blue and black combination comes in the form of two Gazelle models, which have different designs as well as a different upper material. To finish off, there's a new classic colourway of Gazelle 85 never before sold on the site.


Both of these Jeans MKII were launched in the middle of last year, and celebrate the original MKII models from the 1980s. The big difference between these MKII and the original Jeans is the toe-box, which doesn't wrap around in the same way as on the original. This colourway is inspired by the Bern City Series trainer, which is why this model is sometimes known as the 'Bern 2'.

The second colourway is just as recognisable, as the black and orange combination is synonymous with the Brussel trainer. Aside from the toe-box, the other noticeable difference with the original Jeans is found in the heel tab, which is much flatter on the MKII model.

More black with the Gazelle 85

The black suede continues with another new model of Gazelle 85, which feature the premium suede upper and re-worked foxing on the midsole. For some reason this black pair doesn't come with the vintage style lift-top box, which the other models of Gazelle 85 have been given.

Nylon Gazelle Indoor restocked

Part of a wide ranging collection of Gazelle Indoor to feature a more practical nylon upper, this blue and black pair has been restocked in most sizes. The Gazelle Indoor become one of the stars of the show in 2023, in part due to some great colourways such as this one.

And finally.. a follow-up to the blue and black

Another Gazelle model that will be familiar to most, this bluebird version has been stocked on site several times over the past few months. Only a handful of sizes have been added this time, and it doesn’t look like any further restocks will be coming in.


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