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Jeans week! Three new pairs plus a modern runner

Another week with a theme, the pair in the spotlight is the Jeans MKII this time round. Three new pairs have been added, as well as one version of the modern L.A Trainer update.

White Jeans MKII

Two of the three pairs of Jeans MKII added have lovely white leather uppers, which we think go perfectly with the MKII style of shoe. This pair has been accompanied with dark green stripes and heel tab. Launched around 3 years ago, these have definitely been worth the wait!

Second of the white leather pairs is this version, with two shades of blue. These were much more recent and exclusive to the trainer giant J.D Sports. This pair is slightly unusual by having a different colour of stripe edges to the main part of the stripe, which we think is quite a nice quirk.

The last of the three Jeans is one that's far more familiar with us - the navy/aqua pair. We've stocked this version on a number of occasions and they never hang around. Only three sizes available this time round but hopefully more to follow.

Adidas Jeans MKII Navy/Blue

And finally.. a modern twist on a classic

Launched way back in 2014 to celebrate 30 years since the L.A Olympics, the Los Angeles trainer are back in a new form. Featuring a mesh upper, tapered seams and a Continental sole, the new version is an ideal all-rounder at a bargain price.


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