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Kopenhagen, Jeans & rare SL 80 all new this week

We've got a fantastic line-up this week, and what's more there's still plenty of time to get those last minute Christmas orders in! See our homepage for all the information regarding Christmas deliveries. Back to the trainers, there's something for everyone with suedes, cities and the now rare version of SL 80. Enjoy!

'Stockholm' SL 80 returns

Anything with a blue and yellow colourways always grabs attention, and this model of SL 80 is no different. One of the stars of 2020, the vintage runner is back for one last appearance. Grab them whilst you can as when they're gone, they're gone!

More Scandinavia with the Kopenhagen OG

Moving on to 2021 and the ever growing City Series, the Kopenhagen are one of the most recent additions to the collection. The shoe is a complete reversal of the Oslo, which has the famous black with yellow colourway. The leather upper and robust midsole make these ideal for the colder months.

Original colourway Jeans MK II

Another popular launch in recent months has been the return of the two original colourway Jeans MKII. We've already stocked (and nearly sold out) of the green pair, so to balance things up we've added the vibrant red and navy model. Both are fantastic colourways, it's hard to pick between them.

And finally.. more Adidas Orion!

The Adidas Orion are straight out of the SL mould, with a lightweight nylon upper, suede overlays and EVA midsole. This pair has a simple white and silver colourway, which comes in at just £44.99. Bargain!


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