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Lacombe, Broomfield and lots more Stadt all landed this week.

Week number six of lockdown is here- we hope everyone is as well as can be and staying indoors as much as possible! Some cracking pairs in this week including restocks on both original colourway Stadt. We are still sending out orders as normal but please allow a couple extra days for items to arrive.

Black Lacombe

Most commonly seen in white, the black Lacombe are just as fantastic. They're super low cut which is ideal for summer, and the soft leather upper adds comfort. A staple for many collections, the Lacombe are definitely not to be missed.

New colourway Broomfield

As well as the Lacombe we've added a few of the all grey Broomfield, another popular release. Based around the AS 700 and featuring Gazelle indoor tooling, the Broomfield started life as Mallison SPZL before a name change when made for general release.

And finally.. more Stadt

We'd almost run out of both the original colourway Stadt- but they're both well stocked again. A mash-up between a Tobacco and a Trimm Star, the design has seen a few other colourways launched which we'll be looking to get in shortly.

Have a good week everyone, stay safe and stay indoors ///


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