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Launch of our Spezial clothing range!

This Wednesday is a very exciting day as we've added some new products- and they're not trainers! As everyone is well aware, as part of all Spezial ranges there is a collection of leisure clothes that goes with. We've grabbed an assortment of stuff from over the years and whacked them up for sale, all for reasonable prices (we like to think!).

From coats to shorts

I'm not going to cover everything for sale in this post- have a look for yourself! But we've got you covered for all seasons- from winter coats like the Belthron Anorak to summer shorts like the Aldwych SPZL.

Adidas Belthron SPZL Anorak

A note on sizing

Please note there will not be measurements on the product pages. This is mainly because the majority of items are still sealed in their original plastic bags. If you don't regularly buy SPZL clothing and are stuck on sizes, it is advisable to either:

1) ask in the community! There's a strong chance someone out there can help.

2) Send us a message. There's a chance the specific item in question is open so it can be measured, or I might own it myself which could help..

As you don't want returns, we don't want returns, the postman doesn't want returns, let's try to avoid them!

Adidas Wardour SPZL
Adidas Lymwood Jersey


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