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Leisure shoe time! Punstock SPZL lands on site.

This week sees two new items from 2018 Spezial, the Punstock and Hulton. Both form part of the 'Acid House' vibe created for the Spring and Autumn releases last year, but have very different looks on foot. We've also got some more of those stunning 350 X Oysters come through in the last couple of days.

Return of the leisure shoe

We've had the Albrecht, Garwen and McCarten all from the Spezial release, so it's no surprise to see another fantastic leisure shoe in the most recent collection. The Punstock is in the famous 'Wallaby' style and has a classic brown leather upper.

Punstock SPZL

Arrival of the Hulton

The Hulton have a very different look to the Punstock, but still maintains that late 1980s nostalgia captured by the Spezial collection. The shoe has a mix of nylon and suede in the upper, as well as unusual red detailing on the straight stripes.

Hulton SPZL

And finally.. some more Oysters

The Oyster Holdings collaboration saw some high quality designs in vibrant colourways. One of these models was the 350 in scarlett, which we've recently restocked and reduced the price, so don't sleep on it!

350 X Oyster


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