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London Calling: three of the best from 2024

The adidas London has made a return to general release colourways this year, and we've got three of them featured in this week's roundup. Alongside the two suede options in black and navy, the white leather pair with blue stripes has also been added. To prevent a complete London takeover there's also a new colourway of Forum 84 Low for those more into the basketball scene.

**Please be aware the next date for dispatching orders is Wednesday 3rd July. After 3pm on this date, the team will then be having a break for a further week, meaning the next dispatch date will be Thursday 11th July. You can still place orders in this time but please take into account these dates. Thank you for your understanding**

Next stop, London Town

The first our London models is probably the one the stands out the most, because it has a leather upper rather than the more traditional suede. The upper is a classic shade of core white, with blue stripes, heel tab and eyestays. The eyestay colour being the same as the stripes is very noticeable on all the recent London models.

Next up is the navy and black model, which reverts to the more usual suede upper. The adidas London were originally a training shoe as part of the 'City Series' back in the 1970s and 1980s, and were only worn casually much later on. Despite being seen as a terrace shoe, it was quite rare to see a model from the City Series on the terraces back in the day, in part due to being difficult to acquire.

As with a lot of the old City Series models, there were slight variations in production depending on which factory they were produced at. In most cases, the differences were limited to things like the tongue design and some of the branding down the side of the stripes. For this re-issue, there is no London labelling and the tongue is a synthetic 'bumpy' tongue.

And finally.. another colourway for the basketball icon

It may not have the exclusivity factor that the London have, but the Forum 84 are undoubtedly a bigger worldwide icon. As with all the old basketball trainers, they have remained popular enough off the court to become a streetwear staple, and the Forum are one of the most popular pairs from the adidas range.


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