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Miserable Monday - 2019 Oslo return to help ease the pain

The day after the night before. For many this was built up as a day of celebration, alas it was not to be. We can't change the Euros result, we can only bring new trainers to help with the hangover. We start in Europe with a restock of an old classic, plus two newer versions of the iconic Hamburg get the whiteout / blackout treatment.

Oslo Restock

Launching way back in 2019, we really thought we'd seen the last of these! However, a handful more sizes (including some bigger ones) have become available. Known for durability, the Oslo are one of the better suited pairs for winter among the City Series as they have an all-leather upper.

Mix & Match Hamburg

Part of the 2021 range of Hamburg, these two white & black pairs have been given the leather treatment as well as the triple colour affect. Both pairs also feature some subtle gold lettering in the heel tab and side writing, which is a nice touch.

We had a few pairs of this white pair for sale a few weeks ago - all were sold pretty quickly. The entire shoe has been made of the same material, including the tongue. The shift from a gum midsole to white may divide opinion, but the overall look is refreshingly clean & ready for all occasions.

And finally.. more leather uppers with the reverse Cord

The final pair to complete our leather quartet is the Cord 'Reverse'. This model is an interesting twist on the Cord OG, which was recently launched. The reversing has gone even further than the colourway, as the suede has been ditched for a smooth leather feel.

As for England, well there's always the World Cup.. fantastic effort from the Gareth and the team, they did us all proud. Keep the faith and keep it ///


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