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More Acid House SPZL & some clean looking Indoors hit the store.

This week sees a couple new editions to the website- some vintage runners released earlier this year as part of a Spezial range, and a fresh pair of Indoor Super, something we haven't had in a while.

Mint looking runners

Back in the spring, Gary Aspen and his team released two pairs of Glenbuck SPZL, to form part of the first 'Acid House' Spezial range. The pair we have in stock are the much brighter green pair, that is finished off with the traditional EVA sole.

Glenbuck SPZL

Indoor Super makes a return

Back in 2016, the Indoor Super Spezial was released, and instantly there was a new favourite among many collectors. The shoe has a low profile, and the mix of suede, leather and gum make the design a classic. This pair has an off-white upper and blue leather stripes.

Indoor Super Off-white/blue


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