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More apparel! New clothing from Spezial, SL 80 restocks and summer reductions

A busy week of activity this week sees more clothing added from the Spezial and Argyle ranges. We've also made some reductions and restocked some popular trainers such as the blue/yellow SL 80. Enjoy!

New range of clothing

Our clothing selection has been looking a little bare so we've decided to add a few more items, including the Pleckgate Jacket from the most recent Spezial range. We've also added a t-shirt, track jacket and sweatshirt from the Argyle range, which has been taken straight from the 1980s tennis archive. Finally, there's more sizes of the Wireframe SPZL and Mod trefoil SPZL t-shirts.

Summer sale!

As it's the summer and a long time since we've made some reductions we've decided now's the time! They're mostly small little chunks off rather than massive price cuts, but seeing as the majority of our items start under retail anyway there's a limit on how low we can go.. use the filter on the shop page to find all 'sale' items.

And finally.. more trainers too!

Unfortunately there are no new trainers this week, but there are more sizes of existing products! Most notably the popular SL 80 in blue/yellow have had most sizes re-added, as well as top ups for the SL 80 Red and Padiham Sand. Both the latter are part of the summer sale so it's a win-win :)

Have a cracking week all and keep it ///


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