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More retro runners including brand new ZX 10,000 C

This week definitely has a runners feel to it, with two new ZX models arriving in the shop, and a restock of SL 72. On top of that there's a debut appearance for the 2021 version of the Racing 1, a jazzy runner inspired by the racetrack.

Box fresh ZX 10,000 C

It feels like these brand new ZX 10,000 C have only just come out, so we're very fortunate to have our hands on them and under RRP already! These are slightly different to the previous versions of this shoe - the mesh upper has been replaced with a knitted one, giving them a more flexible, sock-like feel.

One zero down

Next on our list this week is the ZX 1000 C, not to be confused with the above! The 1000 C are a one-to-one re-issue of the 1989 original pair, which up until last year had shockingly never had a re-make. Ideal for days of long wearing, the 1000 C have a comfy mesh upper and lots of cushioning support from the Torsion technology.

Flying round the track

Away from the ZX series we've also seen the re-introduction of the Racing 1, an archive trainer inspired by Racing Car trainers. These are somewhat different from the norm with their unusual midsole and very pronounced suede overlays. We've got the vibrant blue and red colourway for sale here, under RRP as always.

And finally.. SL 72 restocking

Last up on our runners week is the bread and butter SL 72. We've added a few more sizes of the black and white colourway, which also has the British and Jamaican colours in the details. Please be aware these are asymmetric i.e. the left shoe is not identical to the right. These are also one of our sale picks - a bargain at £44.99!


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