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New additions for 2020! Winter boots, ZX plus old Spezial

We're kicking off the first full week of the new year with some belters; a range of runners plus a restock of everyone's favourite winter shoe.

Winterhill restock

Our first batch of Winterhill didn't hang around so there's no doubt these will be the same! Part of the most recent Spezial collection, the design now has two colourways; this green and brown pair plus the original grey.

New ZX for the new year

2019 saw a wide range of ZX released, most of which were all brilliant and is likely to see the trend continue into 2020. Slightly under the radar were the ZX 4000; they still feature the same cushioned Torsion sole unit and padded heel area.

And finally.. some summery Spezial runners

It might be the wrong time of year for colourful runners but these won't be an easy find by the time the sun comes out again. The Glenbuck were a 2018 Spezial release as part of the 'Second summer of Love' pack, and came in two colourways.


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