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New Broomfield, Gazelle & a limited time promotion!

Not a huge amount of new stock this week but we've still got good news in the form of a promotion - take 20% off all Adidas Sl 72 models, including the newly restocked blue/white version.

SL 72 Promotion

To celebrate a full restock of one of the most popular colourways of SL 72, we've added a promotional code to push them under the £45 mark! The code will expire at midnight on Thursday so there's no time to lose. Originally a running shoe, the SL 72 has become a modern classic through several re-issues.

Back in January, the blue and white colourway was launched alongside an olive green pair to kick off a run of SL 72s. It had been a few years since the previous re-issue which in all honesty wasn't the best - this version however is much improved.

As well as the blue pair, we've also got a red version and this white upper pair. Featuring shades of blue and red in the trimm, the SL 72 has been known to feature an array of colours rather than just one or two. Coming in at £40 these might be the Christmas present you've been looking for..

Old Broomfield make a return

Known by some as the 'knock-off LGs', the white Broomfield are back in stock and will no doubt be popular again. Although they were launched back in 2019, the batch we have in stock were made in June of this year, so it's likely they may start to pop up for sale with a wider range of retailers soon.

And finally.. some classic Gazelle

We've added a couple of the newly launched Gazelle Vintage recently, but it's been a long time since the addition of any Gazelle '91' pairs. They don't get more classic than this - black suede upper, leather stripes and white rubber sole. Perfection!


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