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New England Revolution! Boston Super & New York dominate this week

Yanks vs. Red Sox, Patriots vs. Giants.. however the biggest clash of them all can only be between the two Adidas models right!? Well this week is all about those two, as two sets of each have come in stock. We've also got another vintage runner (sadly no cities involved) through the Glenbuck, which have been recently pinched from the Spezial range.

Colombian inspired Boston Super

Although the original shoe was inspired by the inaugural Boston marathon in 1984, this recent release was actually inspired by the Medellin marathon, through the Colombian mountains. As part of a 3-pack created for Size?, the theme was to look for obscure marathons across the globe.

Grey New York

This brand new model of New York is a slight variation on one of the original colourways. The grey in the upper has stayed the same, but the stripes and heel tab are now a subtle mint shade.

Glenbuck general release

Continuing with the runners theme, the Glenbuck are back in 2021 after the two Spezial pairs that were launched in 2018. The shoe was part of the 'Summer of Love' Spezial range, and all the original details remain. They may not have a City in the name but they're very similar to the New York, and at only £49.99 a great retro option.

And finally.. two important restocks!

It was only a few weeks ago when the New York Taxi edition was launched on our site, and they were gone within a week.. well they're now back in limited sizes so be quick off the mark this time!

This pair of Boston Super were already available on site, but we've topped up a couple sizes today so there's more availability. One of the best colourways of the recent Boston's, this model has been a difficult find across all retailers.


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