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New Gazelle Vintage plus big Koln restock

With the nights drawing in it's time to turn our attention away from the summer season colours - but not just yet! The original green colourway Gazelle Vintage have been added to go with the pink version previously added. In addition, the majority of sizes are now back in stock of the recently launched Koln, as well as the popular SL 80 in Indigo/White.

Green hairy Gazelle

The Gazelle Vintage are new for 2020, and have already proved popular. The model is based on the 1983 version of Gazelle, and if you've had them in hand before you'll notice they're seriously weighty! The suede is fantastic on them and this green model is a great way to kick off the series.

Second wave of Koln

By second wave of Koln we of course mean our second time of stocking the second re-issued pair of Koln. Unsurprisingly they were very popular first time around and are sure to become a classic in the coming years. Some have found taking a half size smaller than usual has been beneficial.

And finally.. restock on hard to find SL 80

It's been a while since we've had the popular Indigo SL 80 in stock, but they're back with a full size run (apart from a 10). Unfortunately this has meant a return to the full price of £64.99 rather than the reduced price used to get rid of smaller sizes. Still under retail for a hard to find colourway - shouldn't be many complaints!


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