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On the run once again with the Orion, SL 80 and Racing 1

It's another runners week this week with three brand new models making an appearance, one of which is a brand new silhouette for us. We've also added more sizes of a recent favourite, the 2021 Jeans.

The last SL 80 Colourway

Okay so we'll probably see another SL 80 model at some point. For now though the classic runner has been taken off the circuit, after some brilliant pairs over the last few years. This white, red and blue version is no different, and has a blended nylon upper.

More Racing 1 Models

We've got a fantastic bunch of Racing 1 colourways available (a few of which are in our recently launched sale), and this model is probably the best of the bunch. A dark marine upper has been paired with light green stripes, making the design colourful yet understated.

First version of the Adidas Orion

Over the last 6 months there's been a large collection of Adidas Orion colourways launched, and it's great for us we've finally got our hands on a pair. This 'clear sky' version is one of the best the Orion has to offer, which is bursting with 1970s nostalgia.

And finally.. more Green Jeans

A firm favourite over the last few weeks, this 'OG' pair of Jeans MK II has hit the ground running. Released originally as a training shoe, the Jeans are more commonly seen these days with their namesake, jeans in the trouser form.


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