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Onboard with Cord plus a new Indoor classic.

This week sees both sets of recently launched Cord back in stock. We've also added a new release of Indoor Comp, a fantastic Indoor shoe re-launched after the Spezial treatment a few years ago. Finally, there's an old staple back in the form of the Gazelle '91', which comes in a jazzy purple colourway.

Restock of Adidas Cord

We've re-added not just the OG version but also the 'reverse' pair, which have been just as popular. The reverse model isn't just a reverse of the colourway. The upper material has been swapped from suede to smooth nubuck, so offers a completely different feel to the OG model.

Alongside the reverse pair. the original model has also been restocked in more sizes. Coming in at £49.99, the Cord are quite the bargain. Loosely similar to the Jeans MKII, the Cord have a different name simply because of the colour; it was thought they were a must to be worn with Cord trousers so the name change had to happen.

New Indoor Comp

Now for a completely new pair! Released back in 2018 with the Spezial range, the Indoor Comp have returned in 2021 with a cluster of general release models. Loosely based on an archival training shoe, the Indoor Comp have a lovely leather upper and thick suede overlays.

And finally.. a new Gazelle

It feels like an age since we last added a pair of Gazelle '91', so it's great to finally get a pair back. The model we've got is a cracker, with a simple purple upper and white trim. Available in a couple smaller sizes for the ladies too, purple has always been a popular choice for all three stripe wearers.


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