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Parley, Tobacco and the glorious Gazelle Indoor!

Only three new pairs this week, but they've all got that star quality to more than make up for it. We start by completing the trio of nylon Gazelle Indoor, with the addition of the popular green version. The other two pairs are another brown Tobacco (although not 'gruen' like recent models) and the ZX 500 X Parley, which has a bright red colourway. Enjoy!

Gazelle Indoor trio complete

When you combine a popular silhouette such as the Gazelle Indoor with a single tone colourway and gold detailing, it was always likely to be a success. This dark green model is the third version of the pack that also included dark blue and brown colourways, which are both still for sale on our site.

More Tobacco in brown

A new Tobacco colourway and yet another brown model! Tobacco is a brown substance so maybe it really is as simple as that.. however this model is slightly different from the other recent versions, because the 'gruen' has been ditched and the design team have opted for a full suede upper instead of a synthetic material.

And finally.. ZX 500 X Parley

While one model moves away from sustainability, the focus is firmly there with these ZX 500 X Parley. All adidas trainers made with Parley have 50% of the upper made with recycled Ocean plastic, and the other 50% is recycled polyester. Please note the white marks on the tongue are part of the design and not a flaw.


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