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Plenty of colour with new Jeans, Handball and ZX 420

Suede is the order of the day this week with the arrival of four predominantly suede pairs, including two colourways of adidas Jeans. One of the other new colourways is a Handball Spezial, which comes in a vibrant orange and blue combination. Finally, an old model in the form of the ZX 420 '420' has been given a restock.

Orange Handball Spezial

We're used to seeing some vibrancy in the Handball Spezial colourways that adidas produce, and this orange model certainly fits the bill. The dark gum midsole and navy stripes help bring the design together, whilst the metallic gold detailing is always a nice touch.

'Malmo' Jeans Colourway

For those that are up on their City Series colourways, they'll recognise this one as the same combination used for the Malmo model. Aside from being a pair of adidas Jeans, the other main difference between them is the white midsole, which you wouldn't see on the City Series trainer.

Black and White restock

The next pair of Jeans we've got aren't quite as colourful as the first two pairs this week, but it's always good to have a bit of variation. This design is exactly the same as the above pair of adidas Jeans, the only difference being the colour alterations.

And finally.. restocked ZX 420

In more recent times there's been a huge wave of ZX 420 colourways, but back when these were released they were slightly more exclusive. This model celebrates the '420' of ZX 420, which is shown by the hairy green suede and secret stash pocket.


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