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Pre-Spring Spezial from this year! Four fresh new pairs

The latest Spezial collection arrived only a couple months ago, and with it came the usual variety of interesting footwear. Of the seven models in the collection we've added four of them this week, all of which are under their retail prices.

The Regenerated Winterhill

Despite not really being a trainer in the traditional sense, the Winterhill SPZL have been so popular that three different colourways have come out over the last few years. There's a new kid on the block now though, which looks equally as good. The Hiaven is based on a couple of vintage trekking shoes, and has been given the same high-tech adi-tex membrane to keep your feet warm and dry.

Hochelaga return in two ways

As with the first time the Hochelaga was released back in 2015, there are two colourways to keep us happy. The first is another re-issue using an original Montreal colourway, which is arguably rarer in vintage terms than the one used in 2015.

The second Hochelaga model is a bit different by having a white leather upper. The colourway design is based around the Handball LXS shoe, which is shown by the straight edge stripes and heel tab configuration. Aside from the colourway inspiration and material the rest of the pair is very much the same as the normal Hochelaga.

And finally.. denim Italia!

The last pair we've got for you this week is the Denim Italia, which is actually a re-issue of a rare release around the turn of the century. The idea came from finding a shoe to pair with denim jeans, by literally making a trainer from the same material. There were two original models, both of which are extremely rare.


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