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Reasonably priced range with the Gazelle 85, TRX and Bermuda

There's nothing above the £65 mark this week, so it'll count as a wallet friendly collection of new stock on the shelves. The group is lead by two new colourways of Gazelle 85, which are remarkably similar to other Gazelle 85 colourways we've stocked. There's also a new TRX Vintage and a vibrant Bermuda restock.

Take two Gazelle 85

Both these new Gazelle 85 models have had prior releases that have almost identical colour combinations, to the point it's a challenge to tell them apart. This is the royal blue and white colourway, which is similar to the bluebird variation sold previously (and thankfully now sold out, stops any confusion!) on the website.

Confusion is much more likely with this new green colourway, as we've already got the 'semi-court' green model available on our site. The green shade is so similar it's best to tell them apart through the heel tab, as unlike the semi-court version this new pair has a green trefoil rather than white. There is also a difference in box styles, as both the above blue pair and the new green pair sadly don't come with the nice lift-top boxes.

Sand Style TRX

Another week, another TRX Vintage colourway! Despite the never ending releases this sand colourway is a bit different to all those that have been before. The sand coloured nylon has been matched with grey suede overlays and grey stripes.

And finally.. bolstered bold Bermuda

Bold gold is certainly an accurate colour description for these bright Bermuda, which has been paired with similar coloured stripes and a gum midsole. The upper has a nice suede feel, which includes the tongue. We've added a couple of additional sizes to the options already available.


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