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Restock on Stadt plus new summer styles including the OG Tischtennis

As things start to open up a bit more and the summer months are in full swing, now is a great time to deliver a few more pairs made for shorts weather. We've added Lacombe, Tischtennis and even some Indoor Super to go with the highly popular Teal Stadt, that are back for a second size run.

Stadt back in town

Since the launch of the Stadt in the summer of 2019, there have been 6 colourways, all of which have been ace. Arguably the pick of the bunch is this teal/orange version, which has been loosely based on the vintage Wien. Our first batch sold within a couple of weeks so they won't hang around!

OG Tischtennis re-issue

For the first time ever, the Tischtennis have been given a re-make from the archive, and this white and blue colourway is the original. Those familar with German will notice the link with Table Tennis, which the original shoe was made for. Nowadays they make a cracking summer trainer with that full mesh / suede upper.

More Lacombe

The Lacombe have been the classic summer shoe from the three stripes ever since the original Spezial pairs, and the great colourways keep coming. Along with the white leather upper, this pair has been teamed with a 'redwood' secondary colour, which complements the white nicely.

And finally..Indoor Super are back

Along with the Lacombe, the Indoor Super would also be up there for most popular summer trainers. They've now been taken off production so anyone looking for a pair should think about pulling the trigger sooner rather than later. This burgundy colourway is certainly not a bad place to start the hunt.

Wishing everyone a fantastic week, all the best and keep it ///


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