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Return of the Koln! 2020 City Series back underway plus restock on SL 80

Back in 2017, the first ever re-issue of Koln was launched and naturally was a huge success. This year they're back with the mysterious alternative colourway. We've also added a new colourway of Lowertree, as well as restocked our most popular SL 80. Enjoy :)

New Koln - or are they!?

I'm sure most collectors will be aware of the original colourway Koln, which had their first re-issue in 2017. This pair are slightly more controversial, as some believe the original vintage pair were a Dublin rather than a Koln. Regardless, for the re-issue in 2020 they've gone for Koln labelling, and have proved very popular since release.

Update on Lowertree

Since the launch of the Spezial Lowertree, there have been a handful of cracking general release colourways, including this off-white pair. The shoe isn't a one-to-one re-issue but has a clear retro runner feel, and has been loosely based on the Marathon Comp.

And finally.. bigger sizes of SL 80 in blue/yellow

We've been restocking these time and time again and they still sell out within a couple weeks- very popular launch! The SL 80 Blue/Yellow are back, and now with some bigger sizes available. Hard to find these now so grab them while you can.

Even more finally, hope everyone is enjoying our daily nostalgia post over on Twitter and Instagram! Throughout September we will be posting our favourite old stock- check it out if you haven't already :)


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