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Rouge, CLMBA and the vibrant new Padiham

It's another assortment of past and present this week, with the re-introduction of Adidas Rouge and Burnden SPZL, plus two brand new colourways of classic silhouettes. The Padiham have been given a very bright twist, and the new model of CLMBA matches the old with the new.

Rouge back in Stock

One of our best sellers over the last 12 months, the Adidas Rouge is one of the more well-known models in the gum and suede world. Released alongside the Bleu and Blanc, the Rouge stood out through the bold mix of colours and crisp suede upper.

General Release CLMBA

The CLMBA were bought back from the archive four years ago as part of the Spezial collection, and they've now made the passage to a general release colourway. The design has a pink and light blue theme as shown by the argyle lining, stripes and inter-changeable three-peg system. A leather upper made from partially recycled material completes the look.

Heavy Yellow for the Padiham

We're really taking things back to 2018 Spezial, which was the year of the Padiham launch as well as the CLMBA. This updated colourway features a very striking yellow suede upper, white velour stripes and gum midsole. Despite the colourway, the simplicity of design has been kept, as shown by the plain tongue and lack of gold lettering.

And finally.. Burnden Back

A pair from more recent Spezial times is the Burnden SPZL, which was launched last year. The shoe is vaguely similar to the Powerphase, but has essences of Continental 80 and a new curvy eyestay. The tooling has been taken straight from the Powerphase model.


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