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Second round of Gazelle Indoor and a new Island Series re-issue

Following on from the two new Gazelle Indoor last week, we've got two more brand new variations for this week. As like last week it's one pair from the suede range and one from the synthetic, so there's plenty of choice to go round. We've also added the adidas Guam to the site, which has received a first re-issue in 2023. Finally, it's the last opportunity to buy our Black Friday items at the reduced price today!

Burgundy Gazelle Indoor

This model of Gazelle Indoor is the sister colourway to the 'blue dawn' version from last week, which also features two colours in the stripes. The burgundy version features turquoise and green stripes, as well as the same white and gold combination on the tongue.

Classic colour combination for the second Indoor

Black and yellow has been a well-known combination used on multiple pairs from the originals line, from the Handball Spezial to the Oslo City Series. This version of Gazelle Indoor adds another pair to the mix, although the yellow stripes are more muted in comparison to the other models. The upper material used is the synthetic variant, which has suede overlays.

Islander Returns

Any form of Guam re-issue has been few and far between over the last couple of decades, but this leather version is a genuine first. Originally from the 1980s and only available in Japan, the Guam have made a comeback in 2023, and are available worldwide this time.

And finally.. last day of sale!

Today is the final day to get our Black Friday picks at their reduced price, so if you were eyeing them up now is the time to buy! It might only be a small selection but gems such as the mint Bermuda and Kearsley SPZL coat are included.


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