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Special Samba Collaboration and a heap of Gazelle 85

This may seem like a run of the mill type collection with the only featured models being Gazelle and Samba, but the pairs we're adding take things up a notch from the standard designs. The lovely Samba 'Orchard' X New England Revolution are the star of the show featuring two collaborative partners, and there's three colourway choices of Gazelle 85 including a brand new pink pair in smaller sizes.

Samba X Boston

The latest in a long lineage of Samba collaborations is this navy model featuring two institutions located in the New England city of Boston. For those unaware, Orchard is a skate shop and New England Revolution are an MLS team who were an original member of the league. The design has a lovely night indigo leather upper and plenty of branding for the Boston based partners, without being over the top.

Bright pink for the Gazelle 85

Pink has always been a popular colour choice for the originals line, and not just with women. The Gazelle 85 are the slightly more premium version of the classic Gazelle, which is most noticeable through the thicker midsole and soft suede feel. Strangely, the pink version doesn't come with a vintage style lift-top box like the other Gazelle 85 models.

And finally.. two more Gazelle 85 restocked

The next two colourways have been and gone on our site before, which both feature a similarly vibrant colour palette. The 'pre-loved red' model has a slight orange tinge to it, and has the same white shade for the stripes, tongue and heel tab.

The orange model that is now available in a bigger range of sizes is more of a ginger orange than the above red pair. Another important detail with the Gazelle 85 is the choice of lace material, which is the synthetic feel rather than the normal fabric laces.


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