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Spezial mania- Blackburn and SL 80 arrive.

It's been a while since a Spezial collection has caused as much of a stir since this one, and it's not been a disappointment.

Release information

We've got almost a full size run of both the SL 80 and Blackburn. These will be released online between 7pm and 8pm UK time on Monday 21st October. Keep checking the website and social media between this time window. Both pairs will be £124.99. As most pairs came from Europe they were bought for more than the retail price of £100.

There have been reports of quality defects on the Blackburn. We've checked every pair that will be stocked and some do have the usual problems- some poor quality suede, minor toe-box issues. None however were deemed unacceptable to not be sold. If you're unhappy it will be possible to return them but there will be no option to swap for a different pair.

Any questions don't hesitate to get in touch via the usual methods.

Adidas Blackburn SPZL

Adidas SL 80 SPZL


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