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Spezial mix and match. Old stock, limited sizes.

With the next instalment of the fantastic Adidas Spezial collection around the corner, we've got an early batch of stuff spanning the last two years. In most cases the size options are quite limited, but you might get the luck of the draw in your favour..

Sydney Inspired Runners

One of the oldest of the large collection of new models, the Adidas Ashurst SPZL were from the first 2020 collection. Based loosely on the Adidas Sydney, the main difference between the original is the change in toe-box material from nylon to mesh.

More Carnforth Stock

From the oldest to one of the newest, the Adidas Carnforth are back in limited sizes. The Carnforth were from the pre-spring 2022 range, and were a hybrid between a leisure shoe and an outdoorsy style trekking trainer.

Rare Summer Classic Returns

Another release from 2020, the Adidas Alderley SPZL were a big hit with those looking for a lightweight summer classic. The design of the shoe was based on a vintage court trainer which was never actually launched. A few modifications occurred from the original, such as the rather big removal of the three stripes.

Wilsy X New Order

Part of the same release with the Alderley, the Wilsy X New Order were a special collaboration with Manchester band New Order. This is the second iteration of the Wilsy after the original in 2018. Unlike the first one, this model has a leather upper with synthetic panelling.

And finally.. yet more Spezial

The Spezial models keep on coming, with the stocking of a few sizes of Marathon 86 SPZL and Hoylake SPZL. Both part of the AW21 collection, runners have always been a big part of SPZL and these fit the bill nicely.

The Hoylake in particular have been a big hit with collectors, and were based on a rare vintage pair known as the 'Adi Runner'. As with a lot of Spezial items, they have been adapted to fit modern day manufacturing constraints.


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