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Spezial mix with brand new clothing and two restocks

We love a Spezial week at Dassleresales and this is one of a our favourites, a mix of clothing to complement the two trainer restocks. All the new stuff this week comes from the most recent pre-spring collection, which feels like a long time ago now. The two trainer restocks are the Newrad SPZL and Hiaven SPZL, both more suited to the colder months but won't be on the shelf by then.

Newrad Return

One of our favourites from the collection, this dark brown model of Newrad are the second pair from the Spezial range and have been given a leather upper for the second edition. Despite the material and colour change, everything else stayed the same apart from the tongue now being a gusset tongue.

Spezial Clothing

As always, we're launching our clothing in batches so we've got five brand new items for this collection. There's a mix of different things for different tastes and different seasons, but all with the iconic Spezial branding. The Chetcuti Polo and Edgerton t-shirt are sure to be popular around this time of year.

Our other three new items might be more suited to colder weather, or something to put on when the sun goes in after a long day out. The Bellshill SPZL is a little different compared the usual, as over the years there's only been one other half-zip jumper.

Although it's technically a track top and has some bottoms to match, the feel of the jacket is definitely has a fleece feel. Unlike some of the other jackets this one should keep you a bit warmer. The Kearsley SPZL is re-make of the Lammack from several years ago, with a new vibrant orange colour.

And finally.. more Hiaven SPZL

Another product a little out of season, the popular Hiaven SPZL are back in stock in most sizes. The Hiaven are following on from where the Winterhill left off, with that blend of trainer and trekking combined to make a fantastic creation.


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