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Spezial quartet featuring spring 2024 trainers

We're back in full flow with the Spezial collection, as the additions this week are all from the first anniversary collection launched a few months ago. To add to the Gazelle SPZL from last week, we've got the Moston Super, Handball Pro, Whitworth and Wensley all available to complete the set. Clothing from this range will be available in the coming weeks.

Artic inspired Moston Super

The Moston Super are classic Spezial hybrid, that went through a series of tweaks and modifications in production. The upper is based on the adidas Artic, a vintage model originally launched back in the 1970s. Since the original tooling wasn't available, the design has borrowed the same tooling as on the Country OG.

Second colourway of Wensley

Spezial fans that have been on the ball since the early days will recognise this model, the updated version of the Wensley SPZL. The main difference with the 2017 pair is of course the brown colourway, but the tongue has also been updated to feature a bit of padding and some adidas branding.

More stripe-less Spezial

As with every Spezial release, the team try to give enough options to suit everyone's preferences, which include stripe-less models such as these Whitworth SPZL. The tooling has been taken from the Quescence with the addition of a heel clip from the Trezoid, and the colourway is inspired by a vintage model called the adidas Clipper.

And finally.. more handball trainers

The recent rise in popularity of the Handball Spezial has meant now is a great time to produce another handball inspired shoe featuring the same tooling. The upper is from a rare training shoe most likely designed for a specific athlete back in the 1980s. The blue on blue colourway is from a different indoor training shoe made in the old Russian factory.


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