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Summer classics - Lacombe, Tischtennis & a premium collaboration

We've been holding back a couple of these treats over the cold period - now is the time for them to come out of hibernation! Two lovely new Lacombe and Tischtennis, as well as the fantastic Quescence X Solebox that were launched way back in 2018.

Off-white Lacombe

The Adidas Lacombe have been done to death somewhat in various white leather colourways, these however offer something slightly different by having an off-white upper. A subtle but also noticeable difference, the shade isn't as harsh and goes nicely with the nude secondary colour used. A true classic, the Lacombe may well have been taken out of production now so grab them whilst you can.

Tischtennis mit Deutschen streifen

Despite the German the title still gives this one away - next up we've got the Tischtennis 'Germany'. Part of a handful of Tischtennis launched with three colours in the canvas stripes (rather than the leather on the OG), the German flag version has proved to be one of the most popular colourways. Another summer classic, the mesh upper couldn't be much more breathable for when the temperature goes up a notch.

Italian leather pack returns

We've had a fair few pairs of trainers through the door over the years, and only very few can compete in terms of quality with the Quescence X Solebox. Part of the Italian Leathers pack launched in 2018, the design has a number of different leathers used in the upper and overlays. A true classic - there's not many shoes deserving of a £150 RRP but these are one.

And finally.. a few more Tischtennis added!

If the German addition wasn't enough Tischtennis for you, then hopefully the addition of more White/Green sizes will help. A more subtle pair with just the one colour in the stripes, this pair is also a touch cheaper.

*For anyone wondering about the recently launched Adidas Wien, we'll have a good run of sizes in the next couple of weeks*


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