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Summer leisure shoes, Jeans MKII plus new clothing additions from Spezial

With July round the corner, the summer additions are well under way and continue with two all-white leather pairs. We've also added some clothing from the recent Spezial drop- both of which suited to the warmer months. On top of that there's a classic pair of Jeans back on the shelves.

Summer leisure shoes

We added the white Garwen a couple of weeks ago but since added a full size run plus took a little off the price, so two bits of good news there! In addition, we've now added a full size run of the sister shoe, the Punstock. Both pinched from the Spezial range, the pairs are made with high quality leather and look the part with shorts. Incidentally the Punstock come with Spezial boxes despite not featuring in any of the ranges.

Popular Jeans colourway return

It's been a while since we've had any Jeans MKII for sale, which is a shame as they've become one of the most popular suedes in recent years. Happily, we've added some sizes of the navy/blue version, not too dissimilar to an 'Argentinian' style colourway.

And finally..more clothing!

Just a couple more items for the clothing range this week, with the arrival of the popular Holbeck jacket and McLoughlin t-shirt. Featuring in the latest Spezial range inspired by 1970s northern soul, both the clothing and footwear ranges have been challenging to get hold of.


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