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Summer ZX Fruit Frenzy!

It's all gone a bit crazy on the weather front, and whilst we can't turn the heat down we can provide some fresh fruit through a dose of ZX trainers. We've added both the Strawberry and Mint ZX 8000, plus both models of ZX 'Bring Backs Pack', which includes the Citrus ZX 9000. On top of that there's a Gazelle restock and more Wales Bonner Japan.

Bring Backs Pack

As part of the ongoing ZX celebrations, Adidas have launched a special consortium pack featuring two trainers, both of which have iconic colourways from the archives. First up is this pair of ZX 8000, known as the 'Germany' and was first launched back in 1998.

The second model in question is the equally vibrant ZX 9000 'Citrus', which derives from the original in 2008. The colours have been updated slightly then, giving the shoe a bolder look. Reflective accents have also been added, but those familiar with the colourway will still see these as a must-have.

Fruits and Herbs

Next up is the duo of ZX 8000 named after drinks, which might seem a little strange. However, the launch of the popular ZX 8000 Frozen Lemonade a couple years ago clearly opened up the Adidas eyes to whole new idea, and has resulted in this pair of 'Fresh Mint Tea' trainers. Featuring a striking green and grey split colourway, the mesh up on both these pairs is slightly different to the usual ZX 8000.

The second pair is named the 'Strawberry Latte', which is represented by a nice mix of pink, green and cream in the colourway. With both these models, a recipe for the respective drinks is printed underneath the insole of the shoes. Could come in very handy indeed.

And finally.. a couple more restocks

Away from all the fruity chaos, we've added more sizes of two favourites, including the beige colourway of Japan X Wales Bonner. As with all Wales Bonner trainers, the price may be a little high but the quality is more than a worthy match, meaning demand is never in doubt.

The second restock is another collaboration, this time the match up between Adidas and the skate legend Blondey McCoy. Another popular release, the shoe is based around the Gazelle Indoor model, with a couple of quirky twists such as the round laces and shiny stripes.


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