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The 2022 Spezial round-up pt. 2

For our final stock update of the year we're bringing you the second half of our big sack of Spezial gear. This week the stock features some slightly rarer models of trainers and some brand new clothing. There's also a big helping of Stapfen SPZL from the most recent collection. Enjoy the feast!

Pulsebeat SPZL

A one-off special for the great man Peter Saville, the Pulsebeat SPZL are based around the album 'Unknown Pleasures' from Joy Division, and the world famous sleeve cover from Mr. Saville himself. The trainer design is the same as the Blackburn SPZL from 2019, with outer reflective stripes, 3M laces and a fancy box. A collectors dream, the Pulsebeat are one of the releases of the year.

Re-issue from 1972

The Adidas Tramp were a trainer / leisurewear shoe from the 1970s released for the Danish market, and featured a very striking rope lacing system. For the 2022 re-make, the name has been changed to the German verb to trudge, which perhaps is more appealing than Tramp.

Recent t-Shirts Added

For the clothing selection this time, the main attraction is both colours of the most recent Spezial t-shirt, which is always a popular choice. The design this year is a subtle one, with just a mod trefoil in the top left corner. The feel of the trefoil has been enhanced with a velour material.

As with most of the Spezial t-shirt ranges, the sizing is on the larger side. For those not familiar with it, it's definitely worth going one size smaller than your normal t-shirt size.

Marnach Restock

Another of the popular clothing items from the last Spezial collection is the Marnach Track Top, which sold especially well in the bigger sizes. We have a couple mediums and larges restocked, which are likely to go quickly.

And finally.. a couple pairs of early 2022 SPZL

A little extra to see out the year, we've got a couple sizes of Winterhill SPZL and Moscrop SPZL. Between the two pairs there's only 3 sizes available between them, so they're very limited. Two of the standout pairs from pre-spring 2022, both of these are nicely suited for the coming months of weather.


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