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The Adidas Hamburg returns in a dazzling quartet.

This week is another one of our launches which is dominated by one trainer, and this week it's the Adidas Hamburg. Although this means there's not a whole of variety, the four Hamburg we're stocking contain a range of different colours and materials. As a little extra, we've also restocked a popular ZX model in the form of the ZX 10/8 Candyverse.

Hamburg - Gum and Suede Classics

As previously stated, we've got Hamburg for those wanting a splash of colour, and we've got Hamburg for those wanting a more toned down affair. This grey pair falls into the later category, with it's complementary black stripes, silver detailing and gum midsole.

The second pair on the menu firmly fits into the splash of colour category. For those with excellent Adidas knowledge, you may spot the link between this design of Hamburg and the Settend SPZL from 2015. Unlike most Hamburg, this design also features two-tone canvas stripes, instead of the usual leather.

We're now flip-flopping back to the less vibrant collection, with this black and white colourway. This version has all the usual features, including a suede upper, leather stripes and a medium gum midsole. Gold detailing has been added on the heel tab and side writing, to add a classic touch.

Leather Hamburg

The final of the four Hamburg is a model some of you might have seen on our site before, which is the all-white leather version. A popular trainer for the summer months, the design even features a white midsole to satisfy those 'clean' style needs.

And finally.. more Candyverse!

The Adidas ZX collection isn't famous for holding back on extravagant designs and vibrant colourways, which is evident in this ZX 10/8 Candyverse. The shoe is a hybrid between two ZX models, the ZX 8000 and the ZX 10,000 C.


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