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The Miracle of Bern plus black and white delights

It's all gone a bit monochrome this week with black and white the main colours featured, with a bit of brown on the side. We've added four brand new models, including the Bern GTX which are packed full of history and nostalgia. The Spezial fix comes in the form of both 2024 pairs of Gazelle SPZL, and to finish off there's another colourway of white leather Samba.

'Das Wunder von Bern'

The 'Miracle of Bern' relates to the 1954 World Cup, in which an underdog West German team managed to overcome the heavy favourites Hungary to win the final, in part due to coping with the heavy Swiss rain better than their opponents. This was made possible thanks to footwear provided by Adi Dassler himself. To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the triumph, the Bern GTX have been made, complete with GTX lining to help with the rain and a rustic brown and white leather upper.

Black and White Gazelle SPZL

The first two colourways of Gazelle SPZL were launched at the end of last year, and they've already been re-released in two more versions. For the white pair, the upper material has been changed to denim, which is inspired by a denim pair of Samba Super. The brown tongue patch furthers the connection between the shoes and denim jeans.

As with all Spezial releases, a bit of thought has gone into every pair. The black version are designed to be a more accessible alternative to the Pulsebeat SPZL, which were a highly sought after collaboration with Peter Saville from a couple of years ago. The black model has the same suede upper as used on the original Gazelle SPZL from last year.

And finally.. more Samba OG

These aren't the first Samba we've uploaded recently and they won't be the last either, but they're an ideal option as the weather (eventually) warms up. This model has the classic white leather upper and blue stripes that have a strong tinge of grey to them.


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