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Triple Gazelle and a Tobacco Gruen revival

We're sticking with the bread & butter of a suede style upper this week, through three different colourways of Gazelle and a restock of Tobacco Gruen. Two of the Gazelle models are the 'Canadian' style version featuring the fabric trefoil attached to the tongue. The other version is one of the newer, more vibrant models inspired by various City Series colourway combinations.

City inspired Gazelle

To spruce up the standard Gazelle '91' model, adidas launched three pairs of vibrant designs inspired by the world famous City Series. This model is the reverse of the adidas Dublin, as shown by the orange and blue combination. The other two pairs are reverses of the Bern and Malmo.

Two Canadian Gazelle

You can see the difference between this model and the more common Gazelle '91' through the tongue, which is mostly nylon with the addition of the fabric trefoil. This is a signature feature of the Canadian Gazelle, which was first launched in the mid 1980s.

One of our colourways has been stocked previously, the 'carbon' variation is new to the site this week. Although it looks like a black and white mix, the suede upper is actually a very dark shade of grey. The second colourway is equally as confusing, as the upper shade is in the grey area between red and orange.

And finally.. lots more Tobacco Gruen

There haven't been anymore colourways of Tobacco Gruen since the launch of this orange pair, so we'll have to make do with some more of these! As the name 'gruen' (green) suggests, the model is designed with the planet in mind and features a remarkably soft synthetic suede upper.


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