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Triple trouble with the TRX Vintage plus more AS 520

The theme of this week is a familiar one with three brand new colourways of TRX Vintage hitting the shop. There doesn't appear to be a slow-down in the number of TRX colourways coming out of the factory, which may get a bit repetitive but is great for having a huge range of choice. We've also restocked the popular sand colourway of AS 520 for a something a bit different.

Triple TRX Vintage

All three of the new TRX models share the same specifications in design; they all have the regular nylon upper, suede overlays and EVA cushioned midsole. The differences stem from the colourways, which tends to be where the fun happens. The first model has a 'magic lime' upper, which features a very light shade of green for the nylon and then a slightly darker one for the suede.

The second model features much darker shades of blue, which again are similar between the suede and nylon but are not matching. The stripes, heel tab and tongue are in white, which provides a nice balance to the navy blue.

Our final new colourway is the oldest of the three, and is the toned down crystal white pair. This model has a white nylon upper and sludge green stripes, which are a little hard to pick up from the photo. This same shade is

featured on the tongue and heel tab.

And finally.. AS 520 restock

Away from the TRX pile-on, we've added a good range of sizes to the AS 520 Sand, which has been a popular choice of colourway ever since launching last year. Unlike the TRX Vintage, there hasn't been anywhere near the number of colourways for this general model.


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