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TRX and Tobacco! Two tremendous trainers make the headlines.

This week is all about two silhouettes, both of which will probably be familiar with most clued-up Adidas regulars. The brand new Tobacco 'Gruen' are well worth all the hype, and we've got a brand new colourway of TRX Vintage not yet seen with the major retailers yet.

Green and not so Green Tobacco

For those familiar with German, the Tobacco Gruen or Grün should only really be available in one colour. However, the new 2022 release of Tobacco actually have green in their name for environmental reasons. We've added the green colourway and the burgundy pair, both of which sport one colour designs.

For both models of Tobacco, the shoe is packed full of recycled content, so the amount of 'virgin' material used in production has been kept to a minimum. The upper is incredibly soft even by Tobacco standards, which is even more impressive considering the material is vegan.

And finally.. two TRX Vintage

One TRX Vintage colourway is very hot off the press, and the other is a restock of an old colourway. This brand new 'light blue' model is a summery classic, with vibrant shades of blue and cream white. The nylon and suede mix of materials has been left unchanged from the original.

This all-leather version was part of the 'Home of Classics' collection, which featured several of the most popular trainers from the originals line. We've stocked this pair before, but they're now available in a good run of sizes.


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