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TRX Time! Mesh & Vintage versions plus Lacombe restock

This week is mainly about the TRX, with three brand new models coming through the door. Undoubtedly the main attraction is the fantastic TRX Mesh, which comes in the signature blue and yellow colourway. There's also two new colours of TRX Vintage and a few more sizes of the summer classic, the Adidas Lacombe.

Let's get Meshy!

One of the highlights of the 2021 release calendar, the TRX Mesh are a one-to-one re-make of the 1980s classic, which was used primarily as an athletic training shoe. Featuring a full mesh upper with suede overlays, the lightweight feel is supported through the EVA midsole.

Green TRX Vintage

The TRX Vintage has been the TRX model leading the line for Adidas, with numerous colourways appearing since early 2021. One of the most popular and hard to come by is this green version, which was launched last summer. The dark green upper has been offset by much lighter coloured green stripes.

Yin & Yang TRX

This model of TRX Vintage is part of a two-pack to feature a 'Yin and Yang' on the insole, as the two pairs are basically all white and all black. We've just got the white version for now, which also features some black detailing.

And finally.. a small restock of Adidas Lacombe!

The king of the summer trainer, the Adidas Lacombe, are getting harder to find. We've added the white leather version with black trim, which was first released two years ago now. Sizes are limited so don't hang about!


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