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TRX twins and the crazy ZX 8500 'The O' from Overkill

Three new items join us this week, including two brand new colourways of the 2021 TRX Vintage. We're also excited to bring you the 'O' from the A-ZX range, which is of course the ZX 8500 Overkill. Finally, a handful more sizes of the ever-popular Hamburg Fishmarket in white have been added, which are ideal for the warmer months of the year.

Double-up on TRX

The TRX Vintage were a new addition at the start of the year, which attempt to re-create the magic of the original pair from the 1970s. We're happy to report they've done a great job on them. All the main features are present; the thickly cushioned EVA midsole has been combined with a nylon and suede upper, which is the classic recipe for a retro runner.

The two colourways we've added are quite similar - blue, white and grey are the main colours involved. For those that remember the TRX Spezial from 2017, these basically have the same upper but the McVicar sole unit has been replaced by a re-make of the original version.

ZX 8500 'The O' - A crazy hybrid

One of the last of the A ZX range to be launched, the ZX 8500 Overkill certainly grabbed the headlines. The design is inspired by the German retailer's close connections with the graffiti world, which is pretty evident on first glance. The shoe itself is a brand new hybrid (likely to be a one-off), which is based around the ZX 8000 but also has features from the ZX 5000 and 9000. A final number of 8500 manages to tie all the numbers together nicely.

And finally.. yet more fish!

We've had a couple restocks of the Hamburg Fishmarket, this will almost certainly be the last though! Whether it's the fancy fish box or the scale-y three stripes there's something about these that have caught the eye. The leather upper is also of fantastic quality.


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