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Two ace Gazelle Indoor and the golden Bermuda

It may only be three new models this week but all three are completely new to the site and add a pop of vibrancy to the coolness of November. Two of which are new colourways of Gazelle Indoor, one each for the synthetic and full suede variations. The final pair is our third colourway of Bermuda, following on from the beige and mint colourways added a few weeks ago.

Full Suede Gazelle Indoor

Our first and most colourful welcome is for the Gazelle Indoor Light blue/Burgundy, which has green featured in the stripes and a white tongue. Despite all the colour clashes it all comes together nicely, and is finished off with metallic gold detailing.

Synthetic Gazelle Indoor

The second new colourway of Gazelle Indoor is from the collection of synthetic upper models, which also feature leather stripes and suede overlays. A light coloured gum midsole completes the design, alongside some gold Gazelle side writing.

And finally.. golden Bermuda

To carry on the theme of bright colours, we've gone full vibrancy mode with the arrival of the 'bold gold' Bermuda. Featuring a full suede upper and velour style stripes, the Bermuda were re-issued in 2023, after just four years away from the production line.


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