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Two Cities plus the return of the Cord OG

Three new models to bring you this week, two of which have a clear link to one shoe - the Jeans MK II. Both the Cord OG and Valencia OG are both based around the Jeans MK II, albeit with some small alterations. On top of those two we've restocked the Paris City Series and added a brand new Handball Spezial.

2021 Valencia

Some of you may well remember the last attempt of a Valencia re-issue, which was back in 2016. Those really didn't cut it and had several details missing from the OG pair. Happily however, this 2021 version is much better, and features the suede overlay on the heel, which was missing from the 2016 iteration.

Return of the Cord

The next Jeans-style trainer is the Cord, which has the name Cord because they were designed to go with Cord trousers! It really is as simple as that. These have also been re-issued this year, for the first time in a proper one-to-one version. The Cord have luxury velour stripes, which is different to the Jeans MK II which are normally leather.

Exclusive Handball Spezial

It feels like a while since our last Handball Spezial launch, so it's great to finally have some back in stock. This pair was exclusive to JD Sports, and feature a classic blue and white colourway. There's also a hint of red in both the tongue and heel tab design.

And finally.. more Paris!

The Paris aren't the most loved of City Series trainers, but their uniqueness at least adds something a bit different to the table. We've now got all sizes available from an 8 to a 10.5, and at £49.99 there one of the cheaper options from the range.


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