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Two silver stars including a brand new state series model

Both our brand new headline models this week feature silver as a main colour, although the two designs are from opposite ends of the adidas spectrum. Alongside the new ZX 5020 is the Silver State shoe, which is the model for the U.S State Nevada. We've also restocked a popular Gazelle colourway, a bargain ZX 1000 C and the Blue Grass State design.

Going out west to Nevada

We're slowly building a collection of all the recent state series models, and the Silver is another worthy addition. The name relates to the wealth generated from silver found native within the state, that was extensively mined throughout the 19th Century.

A new ZX Model

Although a new ZX model by name, the ZX 5020 is just a slightly altered version of the ZX 5000. The updated design is made with all sustainable materials that are either recycled or vegan, or both. The colourway is classic ZX, with several bursts of colour.

Blue Gazelle are back

We first added this colourway of Gazelle a couple of months ago, and unsurprisingly they've been popular. The simplistic design of just one colour for the upper and the light gum midsole with metallic gold detailing is a perfect combination.

And finally.. more stock for a state and a runner

Our last update is a stock increase for two of our longer serving items, the Blue Grass State series and this black pair of ZX 1000 C. These torsion runners are a bargain at just £39.99, and now have a few more sizes to choose from.

The Blue Grass are another state trainer, this time for Kentucky. Blue Grass refers to a type of grass perhaps unsurprisingly, but also an acoustic type of music, both of which are native to the Kentucky area.


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