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Updates from Spezial including clothing & the latest footwear

Spezial weeks at Dassleresales are always worth keeping an eye on, and this week is no different. We've got a mix of clothing and trainers, some of which are restocks of older stuff. There's also two new trainers from the recent pre-spring range, which are the black Barrowland and Carnforth. The rest of the pre-spring footwear will be available in the coming weeks too so look out for that!

Spezial goes outdoorsy again

Over the years, we've learnt the Adidas Spezial range and walking style outdoor shoes go hand in hand. These Carnforth SPZL are right up the outdoor alley, and are based on the vintage Madrisa shoe. Like a lot of Spezial models, the original inspiration has been tinkered with to bring them into the modern day.

Court inspired Barrowland SPZL

The Barrowland SPZL were part of the same collection as the Carnforth, and were released in two iconic colourways. The design of the shoe was inspired by the South African Court trainer, which can be seen through the hidden half stripe and asymmetric toe-box.

Restock of last year's Spezial

Away from the more recent trainers, we've also added two pairs in limited sizes from last year's collection. The Marathon 86 SPZL and Hoylake were two of the most popular pairs from 2021.

Both the Hoylake and Marathon come under the vintage runner umbrella, which has been part of the Spezial fabric for years. Both models are becoming increasingly hard to get hold of, which will only get worse with time.

And finally.. Clothing!

Spezial clothing is just as important as the trainers in our eyes, and we've got a mix of items added this week. The standout is the fantastic Meanwood Polo, which comes in a lovely shade of olive. The simplistic design has the trademark three stripes down the sleeves, and box logo detailing on the chest.

The two other clothing range additions are from past Spezial launches, and are restocks of our own existing products. The Durrington shorts have been consistently popular, and are likely to be even more so now the weather is warmer. The Aldrington Jacket is one to put away for the colder months, and can be bought with big savings from the RRP.


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