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Updates from the ZX world including the ZX 8000 X Kawasaki

We've had a little run of keeping our launches themed recently, and this week we have an exclusive bill of ZX models to bring you. Four of the five are brand new models, and include pairs of ZX 8000, ZX 420 and ZX 10,000 C. To keep with the summery weather, there are plenty of white and light coloured trainers available. Enjoy!

Another Cool Collaboration

The list of brands and companies that adidas have teamed up with just keeps on getting longer with the launch of the ZX 8000 X Kawasaki 'Ninja'. The shoe was made to commemorate a famous motorbike from the 1980s, and has been kitted out in the same colourway. The design of the shoe is asymmetric, as the left side of each shoe has no stripes but a large 'Ninja' patch.

A Crisp ZX 10,000 C

Heading now to the popular ZX 10,000 C, we've got a brand new colourway which is more sedate than most of the other options. Aside from the mix of white and grey in the upper, this model has a fantastic ripstop upper material, which is more durable than the usual synthetic material.

Two More ZX 420

Continuing in our ZX tour, we've now got two new models of ZX 420 to bring you. First up is the all leather version from the Home of Classics pack, which was designed to showcase premium materials and toned down colourways.

The second design is quite similar in colour choices, but the materials are completely different. This time a more normal mesh upper has been paired with the usual suede overlays and thick rubber midsole. Although the upper has been described as silver, it certainly looks more like a light grey in hand.

And finally.. an old model of ZX 10,000 C

Our final pair of ZX is one of the first colourways of general release ZX 10,000 C, which is the Dash Green version. We've stocked this design a number of times before and has always been a popular one.

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